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Pricing & Policies

All invoices will include the total of taxes, standard gratuity, other surcharges (Hwy Tolls) or promotion as they may apply, at the time of transaction. Any additional charges that may accrue during service, will be billed to the client's card on file.


Zero  Tolerance Policy - TOP TIER TRANSPORTATION employs, maintains, and enforces to its drivers a zero tolerance policy prohibiting the use of intoxicating substances. It is the policy of TOP TIER TRANSPORTATION Service not to employ persons who traffic in illegal drugs, or who abuse prescription drugs or alcohol.

Please EMAIL US at, for a custom price quote, corporate packages, or offer. All fees and pricing are subject to change.

A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. The deposit is transferable to the balance due at day/time of service.

Luxury Mercedes SUV Starting @$150 for a 1 hour 30 minute reservation (3 passenger maximum) A $65 charge will occur for any time after the first 1 hr 30 minute reservation. NO pro rates-NO EXCEPTIONS


Luxury Mercedes Sedan Starting @ $100 for a 1 hour 30 minute reservation (2 passenger maximum) A $65 charge will occur for any time after the first 1 hr 30 minute reservation. NO pro rates-NO EXCEPTIONS

Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Starting @ $450 for the first 2 hour reservation, $650 for the first 4 hour reservation (8 passenger maximum) Reservations MUST be made at least 14 days in advance. Contact us directly for this particular reservation.


*Parties, Special Events, Anniversary or Night on the Town 2 hours Minimum to reserve.
Starting @ $200 for the first 2 hours, and $400 for the first 4 hours. After the first 2 hour or 4 hour reservation has been completed, an additional charge of $65 will occur for each hour; NO pro rates excepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.  


*Doctor Visit / Appointment (Call 817.492.6570 or Email for custom quote)

Prom Night Special

6 hours Minimum to reserve.

$850 (Mercedes Sprinter Van- 8 passenger maximum)
$650 (Mercedes SUV- 3 passenger maximum)

$500 (Mercedes Sedan- 2 passenger maximum)

Airport Wait Time - 30 minute Grace Period from the time plane lands.  A wait time Fee of $10 for every 15 minute interval. After a maximum of a 45-minute wait time (plane landing), the chauffeur is free to leave for the next scheduled client’s pickup.


Reschedule - A $15 Fee will be accessed for any client who needs assistance with rescheduling a time or date for a different time slot (if available). However, each client can reschedule a different time or date (if available) for FREE by following the link on the client's confirmation email address at the time of booking.


Pick Up Wait Time - 5 minutes GRACE PERIOD from scheduled pick up time - $5 for a maximum of 15 minute time frame.


Top Tier Transportation knows that unexpected things happen. If you book a reservation for any of our services and have to cancel, (No Cancellation Fees are charged if the customer cancels 2 days prior to the scheduled pickup time) at or within the 48 hours, clients scheduled the pickup time and a cancellation is made, then a charge of $30 cancellation fee will be applied. If we text or call you multiple times with no answer "No Call, No Show", we reserve the right to charge your card the full amount for that time slot reservation. "6 Hours prior to scheduled pickup."


Surcharge - $10 charge for any scheduled pickup that is more than 30 miles from the business location.


Holiday Upcharge - Any reservation booked a day before a Holiday, the day of a Holiday and a day after a Holiday will incur an additional $30 charge.


Premium Hours - Any reservation booked during premium hours (12am -4:30am) will incur an additional $15 charge.


Christmas Holiday - CLOSED

Easter Holiday - CLOSED


No Show/No Answer - Our chauffeurs will make every effort to call the client’s phone number on file with us. The chauffeur will wait for the client but after 30mins of No show or No answer calls - the chauffeur is free to leave for the next scheduled pick up. If no answer after several calls (Plane land or pick up), the client is charged the Full Price.

Additional Stops - $20 for each additional stop. However, deviation from the specified itinerary or a new request(s) made while in the vehicle will trigger a stop charge.


Clean Up Fee - $250 clean up fee (No Exception) will be charged for any vomit.

Inside Cabin Fees - A charge to the client’s card in an event that physical damage is caused to the vehicle including but not limited to upholstery, rips and tears to the carpet, or any other material; damage to moldings, hanger holder, door panels or other components.


No Smoking (No Exception)

For our safety, all Vehicles Are Grounded For Icy Weather.



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